A Bit About Me

Cycling is a huge passion of mine, if I'm not repairing them I'm out on mine. I've raced at club level and now I'm a C4 para cyclist due to an accident.

With a background in engineering welding and fabrication I created my own business in 2000. It has gone from strength to strength.

Carbon Reincarnation (CR) repairs frames and components dependent on severity ; nearly all are repairable.. ie: except if the component is in tiny pieces. Damage is usually a fracture or a soft spot due to impact.

Please do not be put off. Please send CR pictures via email of the damage from different angles or send the damaged component for a free no obligation inspection. 

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The CR repair process follows professional procedures, and is performed by a composite expert. The CR background is in the engineering motorsport and aircraft industry, and therefore more than adequately experienced with repairing stressed, structural fabrications like bike frames, we have never had a job returned or a customer unhappy with our work.

We repair for some of the uk`s top domestic teams also.see canyon`s opposite

Visual Inspection:
CR will inspect the cracked carbon frame thoroughly; not only the obvious damage, but any extending away from that area. Often, a carbon tube can appear sound on the outside, but; an impact with a blunt face can sever the fibres inside the tube.

CR does not use ultrasonic NDT detection for carbon fibre bicycle repair applications, as this is not necessary because of the thickness of frames. They are too thin to get a correct detection and the frames have lines etc form the moulding process, any company saying they use ultrasonic etc are just getting extra money out of you for no reason, you simply cant use these tools on bike frames 

Quality Carbon Fibre and Resin Systems:
CR uses only the highest quality carbon fibre materials and resin systems specially designed for carbon fibre. CR also matches as closely as possible the weave and modulus of carbon fibre originally used in your frame. The resins are by West Systems and are highly regarded as the best in the business

Professional Refinishing:
CR refinish to such a high standard, that you wont know it's there.

we also offer full respray options starting from £350

See the repair gallery for examples of our work and contact us for more information.


Contrary to what your local bike shop will tell you; in many cases, a broken carbon frame is 100% repairable. Race teams don’t throw away carbon composite, Formula 1 wings and parts, when they are damaged, so why would you throw away a cracked carbon frame?

Send it to us for a free evaluation and quote:

E-mail: Carbonframerepairs@gmail.com

​Contact Number: 07840222846



1Basic cost of one area of repair is £50-100 This repair is carbon only and finished with a lacquer
£50 - £100
2Consists of a carbon repair and basic colour match
£150 - £200
3Full restoration, decal match etc,you wont be able to tell you've ever had a accident

For a no obligation quote send CR some pictures along with details of the accident and we can provide you with a precise quote

All prices are small compared to replacing  a new frame and are all 100% guaranteed for life by us