This scott foil had a complete re-spray ,white ground coat with blue base then a few coats of high gloss laquer.

Carbon reincarnation, carbon fibre frame repair, gallery pictures

All pictures are of work CR has completed!

The Pinarello Dogmas are from local lads bikes who raced for Node4,Matt Cronshaw and James gullen. 

The black one had been put on a roof rack and over-tightened on the seat tube. It also had a hole where the chainset had rubbed through and both rear chain stay underneath had cracks. the bike is now actually ridden by a member of the team with no problems.

CR all ride repaired bikes to show the faith there is in the workmanship.  07840 222 846

Profile Pictures

This is the quality of the re-finsh we work to, this had toptube damage

This Canyon Aeroad came to me with a broken toptube,repaired and fully repainted in stunning Porsche sapphire blue

Carbon Reincarnation